Seating solutions in Thomastown

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If you are looking for suspension seating solutions from a trusted company with experience, then KAB Performance Seating are the specialists for you. Offering a range of seating products and designs that have being expertly executed to ensure that each one is strong and safe, we also promise you maximum comfort every time.

Here at KAB Performance Seating, we only use state of the art technology to give you state of the art designs which include 5 position lumber support, backrest angle adjustment, moulded body contoured cushions, and the highest quality covers and fabrics.

Seating solutions in Thomastown

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Your health and the health of your employees is of paramount importance which is why investing in the right seating is essential. A healthy workforce is a happy workforce! Our high quality seating solutions will guarantee maximum comfort on our bumpy roads throughout the length of your journey.

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